Saturday 21 January 2012

Team Teach

For the last two days I have attended a Team Teach training seminar, and although a lot of what was taught comes as nature to me, I met people and heard stories that really opened my eyes.

Team Teach are responsible for providing schools and services with positive handling techniques and training but the emphasis of the training is on developing your deescalation skills, minimising the risk of physical intervention being required and helping to build consistent and positive relationships between staff and pupil.

Dynamic situations with volatile pupils could, at least some of the time, be avoided if all staff were provided with deescalation training as a matter of course. The behaviour of some staff in schools is, in itself, a catalyst to further poor behaviour or crisis and it' the children and young people we work with who suffer the consequence of poor behaviour management by adults.

Visit the Team Teach website here for further information and training opportunities.

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