Monday 2 January 2012

Hi tech teaching

The development of technology available for use in the classroom is astounding but from what I've seen so far, slow to filter through in primary and infant schools. It would be fantastic to push these mod cons into all classrooms and promote active engagement. This post provides links to all the latest releases concerning the latest breakthroughs in interactive learning.

Education iPad
Learning with the iPad has been improved with a series of apps designed with the sole intention of interactive and inclusive learning. The iPad helps improve motor skills and is accessible and adaptable to most. The iPad features fast internet browsing capabilities making it a fantastically resourceful study aid. With its ability to download E-books gone are the days of lugging bags of heavy books around. The slim compact design means there is ample desk space in even the smallest of classrooms. Visit the website here for more information.

Plasma screen technology
The interactive plasma screen is a technical alternative to the already widely implemented interactive whiteboard. The immense amount of software and hardware available to support the plasma package makes the system completely inclusive and the team at Inclusive Technology provide advice and guidance for a range of disabilities. Click here to visit their article database. With a range of material from early years to secondary and even college age, the plasma screen is surely to become a must have for every classroom.

Nowadays a lot of games consoles are creating games using the body as a controller. Creating a more active gaming nation. What about using this creativity in the classroom? Using the body to engage in interactive learning? KinectEDucation are doing just that, connecting with kinesthetic learning. Take a look at the following related blog for the latest developments

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