Sunday, 4 March 2012

Learn to dress dolls

Inspired by a special young ladies button conquering evening...

When I was young I had a doll, affectionately named Ben, he was one of my favourites, but he came with his very own outfit complete with button, velcro, zip, shoe lace and buckle, all designed to help children learn how to dress themselves and encourage independence.
Dress me monkey from

I had a search around and came up with this website, they are not exactly the same but the principle is the same.... I think every foundation stage should have one of these little beauties!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Fostering emotional development with The Transporters

These fabulous episodes of The Transporters are designed to foster emotional development and awareness in our children with Autistic Spectrum disorders, however I don't believe there is a child out there who would not benefit from an episode full of these likable characters. 

The episodes are available as both British and American versions, so you can ensure you choose the right locality for your classroom. Not only are they rich with emotional content but there are also lessons about colour and number.

Visit The Transporters website for more information.