Saturday 28 January 2012

Motor skills development for iPad users

As promised here is my first educational iPad recommendation. 

Dexteria motor development
  Dexteria by BinaryLabs features specific activities developed to help promote the development of fine motor skills. The iPad has a wonderfully sensitive touch screen, making it highly usable. 

Through the use of engaging activities children will be unconsciously fine-tuning their hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills and, when engaged in conversation about the task, language skills as well. 
Sample activity for fine motor skill development

Activities include finger isolation, for either hand, stoke development and finger control. The app also records progress and time spent practicing. Even very young children will enjoy these activities, feeling much more like a game then work, you shouldn't have any trouble getting youngsters engaged with the task.

Stroke development and letter formation
The app is available on both the iPad and iPhone. Click here to visit the app website and download.

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