Tuesday 17 January 2012

Government plans to scrap Ofsted Satisfactory grade

Controversial plans to do away with Ofsted's satisfactory category for schools have been reported in the news today, with stiff opposition from some unions. Ofsted have recommended a category of "Required Improvement" in place of the satisfactory award, stating that satisfactory did not highlight the need for improvement in schools awarded such a status. 

As far as I'm concerned this can only be seen as a positive, I'm from the era of pushing all pupils and schools to achieve at their best, so making improvements to schools and staff seems only a reasonable and logical sequence to follow. Time after time I have heard teachers moan about Ofsted standards, paperwork and workload, all things that were in existence before their qualification, certainly for the recently qualified.

I do love to come across a teacher or teaching assistant who accepts "It comes with the job."

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