Thursday 26 January 2012

Communication methods

More and more children are being diagnosed with speech and language difficulties, ranging from mild impediments to total language delay. Luckily they are so many wonderful methods of communication being developed and added to, we are well placed to help foster the development of their speech and language skills.

Makaton - Makaton signing and symbols are becoming more and more popular and is now a recognised form of communication in all corners of the UK. Their website provides advice and guidance on the implementation of signing, free printouts and an online shop to source all your Makaton needs. As a child's language and comprehension develops they may begin to drop the signing, only using it for new words and phrases. By teaching the class Makaton signing, through the use of rhymes and songs, you will enable Makaton users to communicate fully with their peers. Visit the Singing Hands website for inspiration.

PECS - The picture exchange system serves as a communication platform for children who struggle to communicate. In order to receive the desired item or activity the child must first exchange the correct picture card. This system eliminates the pressure children may feel when trying to express their needs and desires, leading to more confident communication. Visit the PECS website for more information.

The Quia website has a comprehensive list of activities and exercises to help develop phonological awareness and pronunciation.

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