Monday 12 December 2011

"Pupils to fail new reading test"

The BBC recently reported that two-thirds of primary aged school children will fail the new phonics reading check when it is introduced into the system next year. You can read the full story here.

Every school I've ever worked in has had a differing level of reading ability throughout the year groups and all have adopted a different approach to the teaching of reading and word knowledge. In my experience and own personal opinion, the method best placed to increase reading levels has to come from the creators of Read Write Inc. My daughter was lucky enough to be part of this pilot scheme as it got it's first airing in a school here and her reading improved dramatically and accurately. She developed a passion for reading and writing that continues to this day. Of course, she may well have developed this love of literature without the influence of Read Write Inc, but we will never know. One thing is certain, she always enjoyed her literacy within the programme and still holds fond memories of the series.

Share your own experiences. Are there any new and developing phonic programmes we should be featuring?

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