Tuesday 13 December 2011

Fantastic resources for the classroom whiteboard

Most classrooms these days are equipped with an interactive whiteboard, and if not, why not?!! Especially with resources such as those available at The Plasma Screen & WhiteBoard Room. This website boasts fantastic resources for all subjects. Kids rejoice at the opportunity to fiddle with the whiteboard so use this opportunity to make it worthwhile. It should be a doddle to get the children involved and actively learning.

For my children with a motor skill delay, I particularly like the handwriting practice activity. It encourages hand control as the children trace over the zigzag lines with the pen or even their finger.

There is also a great activity for developing auditory discrimination skills whilst encouraging active listening and improving concentration skills. 

The resources have been created by teachers for teachers so are designed with active learning in mind. The website and it's activities are free to access and there are guides and help sections available online. Click here to visit the website and access the full range of resources. Go on, get them into "active" learning in more ways then one!

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