Sunday 18 September 2011

HSBC student bursary competition

Wouldn't £15,000 make supporting myself and my family through my higher education that little bit easier?
Well Kind old HSBC are giving 8 students the chance to win a 15k bursary!! 

The brief was to create a video detailing how £15,000 would help you make your mark on the world. There are certainly some ambitious people in this competition, entrepreneurs, world peace activists, beauty queens, fashion designers... It's a real mixed bunch. 

Follow the link and have a browse .... Search for my video "Enabling children to achieve" by Lottie Stokes.... and if you think it is worthy of a place in the final, cast your vote by hitting the vote button. 

It's unfortunate that it's such a popularity contest to get to the final, and those with the most Facebook friends are already whizzing off into the lead, but I'm determined to get my video into that final!! Eeek.... help... 

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