Sunday 18 September 2011

Back to school

Anyone else get excited about buying a new pencil case for the start of term? Oh this years is quite the disappointment. Bit plain really, no fake fur or flashing lights.

.... Yes I'm 27... But tomorrow I'm going back to school... Well Uni! I've already been and had a mooch around and felt massively out of place but hey ho! It wasn't so bad, I wasn't the oldest.... Or the youngest.... Which I'd been panicking about... Actually I met someone the same age as me, with two kids and lives just down the road :) Thank goodness for Hazel...

September has brought with it some big changes and my cart-wheels are slightly more frequent right now. I've started my new job (well same sort of job, different school) and have been enjoying it immensely. My little girl has hopped on up to year 5 which has added to the crows feet. Not so little anymore... and I've brought some new pens, oh yes, ones that promise to write first time, every time... They, coupled with my new pencil case have left me well equipped for registration day tomorrow.

If you get a second please make sure you check out my entry into the HSBC student bursary competition

"Like" the page and then search for my video "Enabling children to achieve" it's all about working with children with special educational needs :) Thanks everyone.

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